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New Books Coming in 2024 and 2025!

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Screenshot of deal report at Publisher's Marketplace

Screenshot of deal report at Publisher’s Marketplace for Hera publishing Ivy Fall series by Amy True.

Hera are delighted to announce that they have signed Amy True in a three-book deal with a series of romances set in the idyllic Stars Hollow-esque town of Ivy Falls……….

The first book in the series will be published in Paperback Original and ebook in summer 2024 with the second book following in winter 2024 and the third in spring 2025.

English language rights excluding audio and translation were agreed by Publishing Director, Keshini Naidoo, with Kristina Pérez, of Pérez Literary & Entertainment.

The first book in the series follows the romance between feisty, fiercely loyal Torran, and sensitive, secretive Beck. The two were childhood sweethearts before Beck broke Torran’s heart by moving away from Ivy Falls without a word of explanation. Now Torran is focused on her career renovating houses, determined to protect the heritage and quirky character of Ivy Falls in the face of modern development. When Beck’s childhood home comes up for auction she is stunned to find herself bidding against Beck. Sparks fly as he comes back to town but their second chance at love won’t come easy.

Keshini Naidoo says: ‘I read the first in the Ivy Falls series in one sitting, utterly drawn into the relationship between Torran and Beck and enchanted by this gorgeous, picture-perfect setting and the very real, contemporary issues its residents face. This is a perfect combination of small-town escapism and compelling romance, which fans of Gilmore Girls and Robyn Carr will adore. It has it all: childhood sweethearts-to enemies-to lovers trope, small town charm and sizzling chemistry. We think readers will fall head over heels for Ivy Falls and we are delighted to welcome Amy True to the Hera list.

Amy True says: ‘While driving in the car one day, I heard a specific song lyric and the town of Ivy Falls, and the plot for the book, came to me fully formed. As soon as I sat down to write both Torran and Beck’s narratives, their voices flowed out of me and I knew their story was special. I can’t wait to introduce readers to the fun little town of Ivy Falls and all the characters that have stolen my own heart!’

Kristina Perez says: ‘I was absolutely captivated by the world of Ivy Falls from word go. I knew it was a place where I wanted to live as a reader. I adore second chance romance stories and was immediately rooting for Torran and Beck, and everyone else will be too! At Hera Books, I know Amy has found the perfect home for Torran, Beck, and all of the other denizens of Ivy Falls.’

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