Amy Trueblood / Amy True

Nothing But Sky

Young Adult Historical Fiction

About the Book

Spring 2018 Junior Library Guild selection

Eighteen-year-old Grace Lafferty only feels alive when she’s dangling 500 feet above the ground. As a post-World War I wing walker, Grace is determined to get to the World Aviation Expo, proving her team’s worth against flashier competitors and earning a coveted Hollywood contract.

No one’s ever questioned Grace’s ambition until Henry Patton, a mechanic with plenty of scars from the battlefield, joins her barnstorming team. With each new death-defying trick, Henry pushes Grace to consider her reasons for being a daredevil. Annoyed with Henry’s constant interference, and her growing attraction to him, Grace continues to test the powers of the sky.

After one of her risky maneuvers saves a pilot’s life, a Hollywood studio offers Grace a chance to perform at the Expo. She jumps at the opportunity to secure her future. But when a stunt goes wrong, Grace must decide whether Henry, and her life, are worth risking for one final trick.

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Audiobook Cover: Nothing But Sky by Amy Trueblood


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Narrator: Holly Warren
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 9h 32m


“Trueblood’s action-packed first novel explores the post-World War I époque with visceral period detail.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Action scenes play out with a cinematically breathtaking intensity; it’s a gas”

– Kirkus Reviews

“An exhilarating historical novel with a strong feminist core that will appeal to a broad range of readers.”

– Booklist

“Grace’s unconventional career goals and her bravery bordering on recklessness demonstrate a fully realized character whose ambitions for the roar of the crowd far outstrip conventional female aspirations.”

– Children’s Literature

A little history on barnstorming…

In the early 1920s after World War One military pilots returning home still hoped to fly. Many of them purchased a Curtiss JN-4 (nicknamed Jenny) as surplus after the war. Some of these men used the planes in aerial shows called Flying Circuses. Often times these performances would include daredevils who acted as wing walkers.

Many of these performers were women who risked their lives 500 feet above the ground doing a series of tricks (sometimes without a parachute) all to hear the roar of the crowd. These acts were often dangerous and many people died in the course of the performances.

Eventually in the late 1920s, the government got involved and did their best to try and shut down the Flying Circuses deeming them unsafe to the public. But in those few short years, incredible women like Mabel Cody, Lillian Boyer, and Ethel Dare took control of the skies and wowed the public with their death-defying acts. These women and their stories served as the inspiration behind NOTHING BUT SKY!

The Details

Published: March 27, 2018
Publisher: Flux
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
ISBN-10: 1635830168ISBN-13: 978-1635830163ASIN: B07BGTPRG6
Genres & Tropes
Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Teens, Strong Heroine, Action, Adventure